Welcome to a home of English savouries 
and processed meat,bakery factory.


Yorkies is home to the daily production and distribution of delectable processed meat, specializing in traditional English sausages, bacons,pies and savoury recipes. Our most famous items of all times include English pork sausages, tasty bacons,pork pie and a variety of pies and pasties all made daily. All of our  products are homemade,and endorsed by many of the English population  as one of the best English recipes to find in Thailand, which Yorkies has been proud of. You can find our scrumptious products serving to the general public in premium supermarkets, restaurants and resorts in various locations around Thailand.  


All of our  products are homemade,
and endorsed by many of the English population.


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Pork Pie
Sausage Roll
Chicken & Ham Pie
Chicken & Mushroom Pie
Meat & Potato Pi..


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Cornish Pasty
Ham & Vegetable Pasty


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English Pork Sausage
English Beef Sausage
Cumberland Pork Sausage
Garlic & Chive S..


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English Style Back Bacon
Middle Back Bacon Skin On
Streaky Bacon Skin On
Gammon Ham..

Other Products

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Beef Burger
Pork Apple Burger
Lamb Burger
Roast Topside Beef
Roast Ham Skin on<..