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On the shelves

A large range of imported items such as:

  • John West Salmon
  • Ambrosia custard, semolina pudding, rice pudding
  • Heinz beans,  spaghetti
  • Heinz soups
  • Branston Beans, spaghetti 
  • Cross & Blackwell carrots, peas, potatoes,
  • Fray Bentos pies & puddings
  • marmite
  • Bisto gravies and sauces
  • Coleman’s mustards and sauces
  • Mr Kippling’s sponge puddings
  • Robinson’s fruit squashes
  • Ribena
  • Walkers crisps
  • McVities biscuits
  • Imported Tea’s.      P.G Tips,  Tetley,  Typhoo  Yorkshire
  • Fresh local baked bread, our own fruit scones , and a regular supply of rich boozy fruit cake.