Yorkies Pork Platter Co, Ltd was established in 1999 by native British couple ,Norman and Eileen Denning who found their new home in Pattaya, Thailand. Though finding a new home in a new environment was an exciting adventure for them, their passion for butchery and bakery in a traditional English style, was following them like a shadow,having been in the trade for many years previously . Sadly,Norman passed away on the 11th of March,2012 and Eileen has promised that yorkies will continue with the same high standards as they would be in the UK. Yorkies began that way by putting their love of good ingredients in a home recipe. Since then the signature recipes have been shared with our lovely customers through our products,giving them a taste of England right here in Thailand. If you can't make it to our flagship store in Jomtien, Pattaya, you can find our lines of product in Villa Supermarket, Gourmet Market and other premium supermarkets in major cities around Thailand like Pattaya, Bangkok, Chiang Mai and many more.